09 November 2011

Favourite Weeknight Salad 2


Just the juice of half a lime and lots of pepper


Baby spinach
1 Yves Spicy Italian Veggie Sausage>> slice it diagonally (10-ish pieces) and sautee it in olive oil, letting it brown on one side before flipping it to brown on the other.

Optional: Toss in some warm quinoa

Dinner in a pinch.

Favourite Weeknight Salad 1


knob of blue cheese (less than a tablespoon) >> this makes enough salad dressing for more than one salad
olive oil
white wine vinegar
a tiny bit of salt
lots of pepper

Put the blue cheese in the bottom of the bowl, crush it with a fork a bit, and then whisk in the rest. This stores well in a jam jar in the fridge. A little cheese goes a long way.


crushed toasted almonds
tart apple slices