29 July 2010

Wyndham Estates, Bin 444

Australian Cabernet Sauvignon. $15.50 a bottle, so only for special occasions :o)

Italian Peasant Stew Remix

Made by mom. She wings it. Apparently, traditional peasant soup is started with a bacon base and done with cabbage, but yeah, not so much. If anxious about actual measurements, try googling an original recipe. Good for leftover night!

olive oil
veg broth
something tomato-y (see below)
parmesan cheese
fresh parsley
fresh bread

1.) Sautee garlic and onion in olive oil until softened.
2.) Add can of chickpeas, radicchio, and broth. It shouldn't be swimming in broth - it's more like chickpeas with some liquid than a formal stew. Cook until radicchio softens.
3.) Add a dash of something tomato-y - leftover tomato sauce, a bit of bruschetta mix, a partial can of diced tomatoes (something with a little bit of seasoning to it, though I'm sure fresh tomatoes and some salt/spices could also work).
4.) Add Parmesan. Not a crazy amount, but don't treat it like a garnish.
4.) Add however much fresh parsley (or herbs of choice - adding thyme when we were short on parsley has worked) you care for.

The radicchio has a bit of a bitterness to it, but it mellows as it stews and works with the creaminess of the chickpeas. Best served with bread on the side (but gluten-free otherwise).

03 July 2010

Railroad Red

South African Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon. About $12.80 a bottle. Very very good.