07 March 2009

Tilapia with Pumpkin Seeds

tilapia fillets
pepitas (1 - 2 cups, depending on how much fish. You should be able to cover the fish with the pepitas)
zest of one lemon
a few tablespoons of butter
salt, pepper

Chop up the pepitas (not so much that they're a powder, but enough so that their insides are showing and can toast a bit as the fish bakes).
Salt and pepper both sides of each fillet.
Place on baking sheet.
Put a few small pieces of butter in various places on the fillet (maybe three or four?).
Sprinkle as much lemon zest as you can so that it's evenly spread over all of the fish you have.
Cover with the pepitas.
Bake at 350degrees for anywhere between 13 and 18 minutes, depending on the oven and how well-done you like your fish.
Serve with a lemon slice.

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